Restlager: 8 x RS232 port, PCI

Både 3,3V og 5V

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    Restlager: Automatisk printeromskifter til 2 PC til 2 printere

    Restlager: Automatisk printeromskifter til 2 PC til 2 printere

    Flere PC'er deler en printer eller én PC kan benytte flere printere

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Key Features
• Support eight RS232 port in one card.
• Support isolated RS422 or RS485 interface for
each port independdntly.
• Support UNIX & LINUX system driver.
• Support Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP system driver.
• Support DOS dirver.
• Support Auto-Data-Direction-Control (ADDC) feature in RS485 port.
• Support surge protector in TXD/RXD signal line.
System Structure:
• Intelligent PCIPORT Card.
• External cable with eight standard B25/DB9
connector (R801 cable or R804 cable).
• External cable to RS4232-8 box (option).
Serial Communication Controller
• Type: 16550A compatible with PGA support.
• Speed: 1.8432MHz. (can be used upto 7.3728MHz)
Hardware Compatibility:
• 3.3V & 5V PCI bus slot.
Connector type:
DB25 male connector. (with R801 cable)
DB9 male connector. (with R804 cable)
• Card: 141*106 mm.