RS232 PCI Express Kort

RS232 PCI Express Kort

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Intern USB til RS232...

Intern USB til RS232 konverter kort

Two 16550 High performance UART (RS232) serial channels
Occupies one PCI or PCIe bus slot
Low Profile PCI Form Factor
Includes Low Profile PCI & Regular size PCI two brackets
Both USB A type and USB pin header connector on board to host connection
One RS232 DB9M and one RS232 10pin RJ45 serial ports on board
Includes one 10pin RJ45 – DB9M Bridge cable for 2nd DB9M port
5VDC Power output from each DB9M Port for POS device use application
2 Jumpers Individually enable / disable 5VDC output for each DM9M Port
On Board Molex mini 4Pin Power connector for sufficient DB9M 5V bus power from PC power supply
Supports 32bit/64bit Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE

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Delenummer: CNV-USB-RS232INT
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  • 2 x RS232 porter for PCI...

    2 x RS232 porter for PCI Express Høy og lav bakdeksel

    Seriell kort med 2 x RS232 porter på 1 x PCI Express
    2 x DB9 hann. Fyller 1 PCIE plass med høy og 2 spor med lav backplate
    OS støtter Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Win7, Win8, Win10 og Linux
    Hastighet: 921.6 Kbit / s
    128 Byte FIFO
    Plug and Play
    inkludert 1 x høy og 2 x low back plater

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    Delenummer: SER2PCIE-HL
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  • PCI Express kort med...

    PCI Express kort med 2xRS232/422/485

    • PCI Express x 1, 2x RS232, RS422/485
    • RS485 ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control), RS485 in 3 operation modes
    • optical isolation, surge protection (also in RS232), Compact board size (half-size)
    • Built-in termination resistors
    Pris 2 877  NOK
    Delenummer: RS485-2PCIE-I+
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