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  • Restlager: PC/104 model 25W...

    Restlager: PC/104 model 25W power supply V104-512-16 & -5/12V

    25W modul med 5V/12V/-5V/-12V, TRI-M V-104-512-16​25 Watt output power
    2 standard models: +5V only, +5V & +12V
    Optional -5V & -12V outputs
    5000W transient protection
    Low quiescent current
    RoHS version available
    Low cost​Part Number Description
    V104-5-16 25 Watt, +5V@5A, (0 to +70C)
    V104-512-16 25 Watt, +5V@5A, +12V@1A, (0 to +70C)

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    Delenummer: PC104PWR25
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  • Advantech PCM-2641-AE kort....

    Advantech PCM-2641-AE kort. 4 X RS232 til PC104

    4-port RS232 til PC104 High-SpeedModule

    Transmission speeds up to 460 kbps 
    Shared IRQ settings for each of 4 RS-232 ports 
    Standard PC ports: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 compatible
    Supports Windows 98/2000/XP
    Supports WinCE 3.0, 4.2
    Powerful and easy-to-use utility 

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    Delenummer: PC104SER4
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  • ARCNET PC10420 Series...

    ARCNET PC10420 Series PC/104 Bus Compatible

    Utilizes COM20020 ARCNET® controller
    Interfaces ARCNET with PC/104™ bus computers
    I/O-only mapping reduces bus contention problems
    No requirement for wait-state arbitration
    Enhanced software capabilities over earlier generation ARCNET controllers
    Node address switch selects one of 255 possible station addresses
    Variable data rates up to 5 Mbps
    Supports coaxial, fiber optic and twisted-pair cabling including EIA-485
    Suitable with all Contemporary Controls MOD HUB and AI Series active hubs
    CMOS design for low-power consumption

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    Delenummer: PC104ARC-T
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  • UNO-2178A-A33e incl....

    UNO-2178A-A33e incl. PCM-3725-BE, incl. UNO-PCM23-AE

    Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz
    2GB RAM onboard
    2x ethernet
    6x USB 2.0 (not all cabled out)
    8x RS232 (not all cabled out)

    Input Voltage DC: 9 ... 36 V, 16 W
    OS Support:  Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Linux OS, QNX, WIN10 iot

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    Delenummer: PCM-UNO2178
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